About the Author

Mikael ‘Mike’ Olsson is a web entrepreneur, author and student of life. He enjoys teaching, traveling, writing books and creating sites that summarize various fields of interest. His books and sites are focused on teaching their subjects in the most efficient way possible, by explaining only what is relevant and practical without any unnecessary repetition or theory. He is the creator of Siforia and author of the Handbook of book series.

About the Company

Siforia is a one man project aimed at contributing a massive amount of value through a collection of themed e-learning library sites and books. These works contain summaries of various fields that Mike is interested in. They are created so as to include everything that is both important and relevant to the fields. Mike’s goal with the project is to reach financial independence – to build a passive income that is higher than his daily expenses.

About the Blog

The Web Entrepreneur’s Journal – WebEnterpriser.com – is the work blog for the Siforia Project. The purpose of this blog is to outline the steps and strategies employed by Mike as a web entrepreneur to reach his goal of financial independence.