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November 20, 2013


For the past week I’ve uploaded one video per day to my YouTube channel. I wanted to see if this had any advantages compared with uploading the videos in bulk as I normally like to do. The idea was that releasing the videos one at a time would make my subscribers more likely to check them out, whereas releasing a larger number of videos would perhaps be a bit overwhelming and may just be ignored by them.

The results were interesting. Whereas many entertainment channels on YouTube have most of their traffic focused on their latest released video, educational channels like mine are a different breed entirely. Almost all my video views on YouTube come from search traffic, not subscriber traffic. People searching for the solution to a problem. Having realized this, I might as well be more rational about my releases and upload the videos in bulk as is my style.

Given this conclusion, I’ve now uploaded all 31 new C# video tutorials to my channel. They all have custom thumbnails (a new YouTube feature), which make things look even more awesome. And English subtitles as well. The channel art has also been updated to reflect this new theme. Here’s the banner:

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