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May 28, 2013


After carefully analysing the pros and cons of having comments I’ve taken the decision to remove comments from all of my sites except this one. My conclusion is that disabling comments will lead to a better site experience for all visitors.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to allowing comments. On the plus side they can help a site build its community, by allowing people to ask questions, share opinions and give feedback directly on the page. This works well on blogs, but I’ve come to realize it does not fit well with content sites. On such sites the content should be the focal point. It’s too easy for comments to dilute the importance of the content being commented on. Disabling comments also adds more authority to the site.

There are other benefits as well. By turning off comments a site gains faster page loading and a greater sense of focus and cleanliness on each page. Aside from this aesthetic aspect, there is also the issue of moderation. Without comments there’s no ongoing need to relentlessly delete the manual spam comments that the spam filters fail to catch. While policing spam comments isn’t hard, it’s not very fun. And it’s a continous effort to stop the site from becomming filled with spam comments that I would rather do without.

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