June Update

June 11, 2013


June saw the start of a new Siforia project: the remake of the PVT video tutorials. I intend to extend and enhance the 200 or so videos now available on the site with 300 videos featuring better audio and video quality. It is a massive undertaking that will no doubt occupy me for the coming months, but I’m really looking forward to it. I have been wanting to go back and update the tutorials for a long time but it wasn’t until now that my todo list cleared up enough for this project.

Before I can release any of the videos I first need to acquire the audio license for using the synthesized audio. So far I have raised 2000€ out of the 5000€ necessary for purchasing it. Fortunately, it seems that the remaining 3000€ will come into being from an unexpected source in just a few short months. More on that later.

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