Web Entrepreneur Goals 2013

January 5, 2013


As the new year is here it is time to share my list of Siforia projects for this year.

  1. Publish Hardcover Edition of my books, 1 week
  2. Create PWM Audio Edition, 2 weeks
  3. Finish TPS site, 2 weeks
  4. Copyedit/Proofread TPS, 2 months, 400€
  5. Release TPS in Print, 1 week
  6. Release Kindle, Epub, Google Books Editions of TPS, 1 week
  7. Raise 5000€ for 50h audio license, 3-12 months
  8. Release HOS Audiobook, 1 week, 1500€
  9. Release PWM Audiobook, 1 week, 1000€
  10. Remake PVT Videos (about 200), 2-4 months
  11. Release PVT Videos on DVD, 2 weeks, 1500€
  12. Publish another PVT book, 2-3 months

These are the projects I will work on this year and their approximate order. The projects with a high price tag will depend on some fundraising schemes coming to pass, so they may take longer to achieve, but the other projects I’m fairly certain I can achieve within this year.

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